Where To Next?

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Machu Picchu travel? I wish so. Machu Picchu is located in Peru. So here I am, wishful thinking again. But who knows? If I save enough for this trip, we might be able to go there. But of course, it would take years to save up because it would mean flying to South America.

Like what I have been blogging since last year, my first half year is filled with travels (thanks to my bloggy earnings). We were in Phuket on the first 3 days of this year, planned on climbing Mt Kinabalu in February but because of the complications of my passport renewal (which found me in Manila, Philippines for 2 weeks), it was cancelled but I went to Kota Kinabalu nevertheless. Then hubby tagged me along to Cambodia in March for 8 days and of course, our recent trip was in Cameron Highlands for 5 days which was two weeks ago.

Where to next? It is yet to be revealed. *big grin*

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