Ben 10 and Barbie

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My kids now are looking out for other things to watch. Everytime I and husband are out buying DVD movies, my kids now choose their movies as well. Schenker would now look for Ben 10. Samantha would ask... is that for boys? And the kuya would say yes. Then she would look one for herself. One night, she saw a Barbie DVD. She said, look kuya, it's for girls. LOL. So I bought it for her. She was so excited because Barbie movies are so colorful. They use pastel colors and Samantha was just sooo thrilled to watch it.

Right now, I am glad that they can wait for each other's turn in using the TV and DVD player. Actually, right now, we have two TV's. But we're only using one. But we're planning to use the other TV after we move in to our new house. I was actually looking around for a DVD player to buy when Josiet told me she has a DVD player to give away. Quite timely. So she gave it to me. Thanks again, Josiet.

Now I'm on the lookout for tv stands. I might get one of those soon. We only have one tv stand at home and if we want to use the other tv (which will be placed upstairs), we need to get another tv stand..