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We are now in the process of moving in to our new house. We just repainted the living room from dark yellow to limelight, summer heat and peach. I am very excited coz the house is going to be flowery. We are trying to make it look like an English living room... but with our limited budget, we can only do and buy things according to our budget limit. So we'll see how it looks like after we finish decorating the house.

Also, today, we went to a different church. We used to go to FGA (Full Gospel Assembly) - mother church in Old Klang road. But since last year, we've been talking about moving to their satellite church in Subang Jaya where it is nearer and smaller in size - I think just around 500. I know. It is not that small... but the church that we usually go to has more than 8000 members. So I would only be hanging around with moms who have kids of the same age as mine.

I know it took us a long time to decide to finally move in to a smaller church. The mother church has been really special for hubby as he grew up there. That church even supports him in everything he does. So felt quite attached to it. The church asking him to teach in a Bible Class last year had also delayed our moving out.

Glad to be moving in a new church and a new house at the same time. It's quite a transition for us, hey? But smaller church has a lot of advantages. You could get to know everyone. And me being a foreigner would benefit to having local friends. They could show you which shop is selling what... And perhaps if you are thinking of buying a life insurance they could tell you which one has the best value.

Of course, having internet makes life easier. Sometimes, you don't need to ask around. Just surf the net for local information and voila! Every information is available right at your doorstep.

Will have to pack some more things... so I need to get off my computer now and continue with my work. Cheers!