3 Days in a Row

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ABC Ice kacang (Malaysian version of halo halo) is just so cooling. We've been having ice kacang 3 days in a row now. As you've probably know, we are in the midst of moving to another house. We actually moved in already. We're just putting all the things in the right places. After a full day's hard work, you just wanna eat something to cool you down.

We have discovered another restaurant that offers Malaysian Delights called Papparich. And we like their ice kacang so much. Ice Kacang 3 days in a row. I can just imagine how much sugar we've been adding to our bodies. We'll probably need a thorough colon cleanse after all this non-stop eating.

Actually, the image above is not from Papparich. It's an ice kacang from Mydin Food Court. It's my favorite ice kacang in Malaysia.