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I have given up the food meme Yummy Sunday that I have been hosting for a few months now. After that, I changed my template to make it more suitable for my blog's theme now. I have lost my blog list in the process. Please forgive me.

If your blog link is not here, please give me a shout out so I can put it back. Thank you so much.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

This is just one of the things I like about the internet. You can apologize online. Of course, it is better that if you think you offended somebody, you would make a personal apology. But apologies in general will do too (sometimes it takes real humility to really ask for an apology face to face). I have to work on it myself.

Other things you can do online is to make general announcements. You can always do baby announcements if you're having a baby. You can even announce your engagement, wedding, birthday, etc. Isn't internet a real blessing? I thank God for it!