Grocery Shopping

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We do our major grocery shopping at Carrefour Subang. Giant Hypermarket is cheaper but hubby is not comfortable shopping there. Grocery shopping is kind of a family affair for us. We all go together. The kids love riding on the trolley. And recently, Samantha would go down and help me put all the goods inside the trolley. She's a very happy shopper. Sometimes, she would ask me: "we buy this, can?" Of course, not all the things she ask we will buy. She doesn't insist, that's the beauty of it.

My boy doesn't have a problem going shopping too. He doesn't help much but he also doesn't care what I buy. Typical guy, I think, that boy. Grocery shopping for us is like bonding time. Everybody enjoys it.

Last night was our another major shopping and since my mom and dad were with us, they went with us as well. Told my mom to buy what she needed, too. She went to the cosmetic section where all the beauty products were... that would include body lotion, facial cream, eye cream, shampoos, conditioners, etc. My mom was a happy shopper as well. My dad was content in pushing the trolley.

I can't remember going grocery shopping alone. My hubby always wanna go with me. Sometimes, I would tell him I could do it by myself especially when he's too busy. But he always insist on going with me. He always says he has a grand time going shopping with me and the kids.