Have We Settled In?

posted by Jan on


I have been blogging about moving out of our old house and moving in to a new house for the past few months. If you ask me whether we have finally settled in, I think, yes, we have. There are just little little things that need to be done but the majority of the work is finally done.

I like our new house better. There's some kind of a homey feeling in it. There is a small lawn in front of the house, and a little space at the back for gardening. My father has started planting vegetables there and they're already growing! We can have vegetable for free once they're grown.

Our room now is smaller than that in our previous house. But one thing I like about our room now is there's already two built-in cabinets with lots of compartments. I hope to be more organized in this house. Also, we have put up our bed frame already. I bought a new set of bedding to go with it. I bought it from Akemi for a 70% discounted rate. We don't really use bed wedges. But I am glad that our bed is finally up. Our room looks more cozy now.

My parents are pretty much comfortable. They're using Samantha's room now. I am glad to be able to move in and settle everything before they arrived. It is a blessing to have parents around from time to time. I am glad it is possible for us to do that. Thank you, Lord!