His Homework

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My boy started bringing homework this school year. I was actually shocked the first time he brought one. But I thought it would be better to train them to do homework while they're young. Some might not understand this... but if you live in Malaysia, you would know that the education system is very competitive. So even at a young age, they are taught how to read, write, and what not.

When I sent my son to school the first time, I was shocked that they were expected to be reading a book already. I grumbled a bit, how could a three year old child read "whizzy and alzy?"

But then I realized their reading learning follows two programs: one is reading by recognition and another is by phonetics. So I was okay with the idea. My son could read (only) by recognition now. I am okay with that. And he likes to read very much. I'm scared that he would be needing prescription glasses soon.

But if ever he does, I know I could get a cheap but has a good quality pair of eyeglasses for my boy. In fact, you can get an $ 8 Rx eyeglasses. And by now, you would know that I am talking about the eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. I just saw Zenni Optical on TV!!! ...from my computer. Anyways, any thing is possible having an internet nowadays. I think they're really doing well because their eyeglasses are cheap comes with good quality. High five to Zenni Optical!

I just asked my boy that if ever he needed to wear a pair of eyeglasses which style would he prefer... and he chose this: