I am Small

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Samantha is a small girl. I mean she's small for her age. Yesterday, when we picked them up from their cousins' house, she was saying something like: Joshua said I'm small. So the grandmother said it's because my sister-in-law let them all stand in line to see their heights. So I had to assure her that it's okay to be small because she's a girl. Girls don't need to be huge.

I used to blame my mother for being chubby. Of course, now I know it's not her fault. But sometimes, whatever we become, we blame our parents... which is not so good to do. I only realize this after becoming a parent myself.

But for Samantha, she has a small structure. She eats very well though. In fact, she's a better eater compared to her brother. But she's just small for her age. I think she has a fast metabolism which is good. She can eat well and yet don't worry about getting fat when she grows up. Of course, if that happens, if she becomes fat and she wants to trim down a bit, I can just tell her to check out weight loss supplement reviews before making any decisions.

As parents, it is our duty to guide our kids. We may not own them but God has given us the responsibility to guide and nurture them. It may be too early to be experiencing peer pressure for my kids now... but I know it's our duty to assure them.

As parents we would like to see our kids grow up with self confidence.