Is Moving Really Fun?

posted by Jan on

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I blogged about having fun with the kids while packing our things. Yes, moving is fun... but I am hypocrite if I say it's not stressful and it's not tiring because it is. I am in the midst of moving houses now... but I am blogging. I think I just want to rest. I feel sooooo exhausted... especially when the time of the month is here. It makes it more tiring.

We have movers to carry all the heavy stuff but I can't help but thrown in a bit if help in carrying some stuff. Can't blame me. I am too excited. Can't help imagining myself lying on a sleep number bed to ease my back pain.

I think I need helpers to clean up the old house. I cannot take it anymore. We all have limits and I can say that I have reached my physical strength limit already. Got to rest some more after this.