My Boy and His Drama

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We started sending Schenker to Helen O'Grady Drama Academy in January this year. We thought this could be a good exposure for him as he likes to drama a bit. He was enjoying it. But because of our travels, we had to skip some of the sessions. When we came back from our trip in Macau, Hongkong and China, the real drama started.

The drama school apparently was having practice sessions because they had a drama showcase to show the parents what they learned for the first quarter. My boy only had two sessions left. And he was given a magician role for one of the acts.

But before we could go on with that, you must hear this one first. Since the start of this year, he has been telling us that he wanted to be a police when he grows up. Before that, he wanted to be a doctor. Not sure of the dramatic change though. But kids are kids and they can change preferences. I remember my husband's ambition when he was Schenker's age now was to be a street sweeper or a janitor. Probably if they were living in NJ, he would want to be one of those NJ trash removal workers. LOL. On the other hand, at that age, I wanted to be a househelper. Obviously kids' ambitions change overtime. So I don't have a problem with Schenker wanting to be a police when he grows up.

And so, when he was given a magician role, he refused it. He wanted to act as a Police. But there was no role available for cops. He disliked it so much he refused to do anything.

So on the drama day, he had a drama. He didn't wanna do anything. He was standing on the stage stiff and playing with his magic stick.

Now he doesn't wanna go back to his drama school. There goes his future acting career. LOL.

Anyway, I believe that the role of parents is to give them exposure to different areas while they are young. I'm sure it would be a joy to discover their gifts and talents while they are young so we could help enhance their God-given abilities.

Drama out. What's next?