They're Gone!

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Thank God they're gone. I mean my zits. LOL. It has been there for a few days and my kids never stopped asking why I had something like those on my face. Kids and their curiosity - you can never stop it. But today, as I looked in the mirror, I saw that the breakouts were already drying up.

Suffice to say, I won't be needing any acne treatment, will I? With my experience having those zits, one can't help but remembering the days when I just didn't know how to stop them from breaking out. It gave me so much insecurities to be honest.

Breakouts are caused by so many things. You can't pinpoint which one is the real cause. It could be the stress, lack of sleep, lack of water, lack of healthy food (too much oil and sugar in the diet), hygiene problem, wrong cosmetics, or could be due to changes in hormones for women that undergo monthly cycle. But of course, the more we are aware the less troubled we become.

In fact, sometimes, we don't need to do anything. Just let them be and one day, you'll wake up and they're gone. Like today. For me. :D