Who Loves You?

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It has been a long time since we didn't go to the kids' Sunday School in church. It's either because we're traveling or Hubby has a speaking engagement somewhere. Last Sunday was Samantha's first day in her next level class. She was promoted to a 3-year old class last month but since we're not around, yesterday was her first day in her class. She didn't want to let go of me so I decided to stay.

The teachers told me that because it's her first day, I was allowed to stay inside. The next time though, I won't be allowed to stay with her.

So I was at the back sitting there. Samantha would once in a while turn back and check whether I was still around or not. I didn't want to break her trust. I told her I would stay and I did.

At one point, one of the teachers was telling about a story of this naughty boy. He was doing a lot oa naughty things that nobody liked him anymore. But, the teacher said, there's one person that truly truly truly loves Him. So the teachers asked the students who that person was.

Other children: Jesus!!!

Samantha: looking back at me, smiling, and with a twinkle in her eyes, said softly: "Mommy."


I think I need to teach her more about Jesus' Love. LOL. On the other hand, I was glad that she knows of my love for her. It truly warmed my heart.

Schenker, on the other hand, since he started counting up to 100, he would say "Mommy, I love you 100 much!" LOL.

Last night was a night I would always cherish. Schenker came to me out of nowhere, hugged me and said, Mommy, you are the best today.

I asked: Today only?

He said: No no! Everyday!

I asked: The best of what?

He said: The best mother in the whooooole world.

A priceless reward.

I sighed with contentment.

My prayer is that they could also feel the love of God, that unconditional love that whatever they do, wherever they are, they might be away from their parents, but God will always be with them. And that God loves them more than we love them.

Anyways, I need to post our pictures I took when we were at Petrosains KLCC. We had so much fun and towards the end, we took photos of ourselves at the photo booth and printed them out. They didn't have receipt printer though. But what amazed me was we did all those for free.

We also did some art works that after we did them we could e-mail them straight away. I tried. I was amazed to get their result in my email when we got back home. Will show it some other time.

The image above was taken by Schenker - my little photographer