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The Story of Joseph

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Last month, when my parents were still here, our church did an evangelistic program. They had a play called The Story of Joseph. Since my kids were so much into Bible Stories, we didn't wanna miss watching it.

Our church, FGA (Full Gospel Assembly), is a mega church with 8,000+ members. And when they do presentations/plays, they're sure to be world-class shows. The backdrops had always been delicately made... The last Bible story play we watched was the Story of Jonah, which, until now, my son (2.5 years old then) still talks about it.

Since my parents were here also, all of us paraded to church and watched the play. The Story of Joseph (the dreamer) has always been my favorite story/character in the Bible. So I was glad to be able to watch it with my family. And once again, I was awed at how much effort they spent in making the play as beautiful as it was. And as usual, I admired the costumes, make-up and backdrops. Since the scene was during Biblical times, you could see a lot of brick-made walls and not sure whether they had it made in Ft Myers custom doors, but the buildings with nicely done doors were just amazing.

The actors/actresses acted very well... and the singers were just awesome. The script and the songs were carefully and beautifully written... One can't help but be in tears towards the end of the play. Well, who wouldn't be in tears to hear the story of Joseph? It's an issue of forgiveness and no matter what our brothers/families or even friends had done to us, God always asks us to forgive because He first forgave us.

It's a good experience for my kids to see plays like this.

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Fats-Filled Us

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It's not just a fats-filled me but a fats-filled us. Why? Because the hubby is in, too. We started doing this Mayo Clinic Diet together 10 days ago. It's more on protein-and-no-carbohydrate diet. What worries me is the fats we're taking in. According to the diet menu plan fats don't produce fats. Fats burn fats. So the more you eat fats, the more you burn fats. Indeed, both my hubby and I had lost weight.

After this 12-day diet, I think I need a colon cleanse or a detox just to flush out all the not-so-good stuff we ate during this 12-day diet. We have two more days to go to finish this plan.

After this, I wanna be healthy again. Like the real Mayo Clinic endorses. To eat all the food in the food pyramid, according to their nutritional value.

... or Jerusalem Diet.

Will have to blog about it soon coz I'm still on the research about it.

My Kids' Visitors

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My kids had been having regular visitors these days - all of them Schenker's classmates in his school. One of the blessings we have here is that 3 other kids from these housing area go to Schenker's class. And they all like to go to the park. Since our house is just across the park, the kids would come here too and play with my 2 kids. Shcneker would normally take them straight away to his room. They would play there for a long time. I am glad because I don't want them to be playing in my living room and mess up everything. My living room furniture is new and I wanna keep it for a very long time. So I'm keeping them safe by having the kids play in my boy's room. Speaking of furniture though, I wonder how much a patio furniture would cost? It would be nice to have one of those in our patio.

Anyways, last night, Hui En only left at about 11 pm. She and her mother (and one other) came to our house to talk about something. Hui En's mom is Indonesian Chinese and can only speak Bahasa (little English). So when we talk, my hubby would be there to interpret for me. She's actually an inspiration because the last time I saw her, she was rather on the plus-sized side. Now, she's very thin.

Would like to have more of her coming to my house so I can dig out her secret.

So when they left last night, I told Hui En she could come to the house and play with Schenker and Samantha everyday. LOL.

Diet Update

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Yes, I have started dieting. And if you have a link to my other blog at Janet Speaks, you will see my day-to-day musings regarding my diet. I am, by the way, on my 10th day now. I feel very lightheaded. 12 days is just way too long for me to skip on other food. The good thing about it is, I can still go to my favorite restaurant and eat my favorite food there.

The challenge now is the diet follow-up. I don't wanna lose weight and after the program ends, start gaining again. It would turn my "suffering" into waste. I'm on the lookout for best diet pills too. If you know of any that you think is best, will you let me know?

Anyways, I have 3 more days (that would include today). And I'm so hanging in here. LOL.

I-CARE Blog Contest

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My other blog, Expressions and Thoughts, is hosting another contest and is giving cash prizes and entrecard points to the 3 chosen winners. Please click on the badge for more information.

...because I care...

Fashionable Eyeglasses

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How You Can Start Spending Smart? How can we actually buy a fashionable and yet affordable eyeglasses? I know. With $ 8 Rx eyeglasses from Zenni Optical, one can sure do some savings and yet doesn't have to limit their fashion style. I saw some of the fashionable glasses and if ever I have to wear one, I would chose this pair as my favorite high fashion eyeglasses:

These two pairs of fashinable glasses would make it to my top 3 favorites too:

Injured Lawyers

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Have you heard about the Tennessee injury lawyers? They basically help those injured since 1960. And their aim is to help those who are based in Tennessee. Their lawyers must be doing well, the fact that they have been doing the family tradition for almost 5 decades.

Hubby and I just watched the movie "One Way" and it's just unbelievable that lawyers could just twist the story... or worse, use your words against you. Those are really smart lawyers. I believe though that those lawyers who defend the innocents are very noble.

Anyways, I wonder if any of my kids are going into that career. Both of them have a very strong reasoning power. Hmmm...

Kids are on Break

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This coming Monday is a holiday so the three of us (me and my kids), won't go to school. And because the kids will have a 3-day break, we sent them to my parents-in-law's place for the weekend.

Hubby and I are having a movie spree over pizza. It has been a long time since we didn't watch movies like this at home. Imagine watching 3 movies simultaneously. My eyes feel a bit strained. I wonder if it can cause eye wrinkles?

Speaking of which, I stumbled upon a home remedy for eye wrinkles. You can actually make your own eye wrinkle cream from a coconut oil. You just need to massage the coconut oil around your eyes before you go to sleep and voila! It would help prevent premature aging of the skin. I wonder if this would work for me because I have an oily skin. It would make my skin oily, I guess.

Anyways... we have more movies lining up. But then again, I think we won't have time to watch movies tomorrow because we're planning to go to Masjid India after church.

Family Day at Sunway Club

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Yesterday was Malaysia's Merdeka Day (52nd Independence Day). So the kids' break was extended for one more day. The weather was nice. Cloudy, but not rainy... so we took the kids to Sunway Club. It has been awhile since we didn't use our club facilities.

The kids had fun in the pool. We had lunch there as well, at Pahm's Restaurant. Then I took my mom to a steam bath. Sunway Club changed it into steam sauna. Last time was dry sauna. I think I prefer steam sauna better. It doesn't really burn the skin. But of course, I liked the dry sauna as well.

I took with me a big bottle of soon-to-be-expired yoghurt. I splashed it all over my body and hair, too. So now, a day later, I still smell like yoghurt. Delicious smell though.

I have heard that saunas can burn fats as well. So I'm planning to go to the club once a week just to do a steam bath. That's of course aside from the colon cleaning I'm doing now. It would be good to burn fats from the outside. I have started taking detox tea by the way. I wanna get rid of the toxins in my body.

Mom enjoyed the sauna too. I am glad.

Here they are, relaxing after swimming.