Family Day at Sunway Club

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Yesterday was Malaysia's Merdeka Day (52nd Independence Day). So the kids' break was extended for one more day. The weather was nice. Cloudy, but not rainy... so we took the kids to Sunway Club. It has been awhile since we didn't use our club facilities.

The kids had fun in the pool. We had lunch there as well, at Pahm's Restaurant. Then I took my mom to a steam bath. Sunway Club changed it into steam sauna. Last time was dry sauna. I think I prefer steam sauna better. It doesn't really burn the skin. But of course, I liked the dry sauna as well.

I took with me a big bottle of soon-to-be-expired yoghurt. I splashed it all over my body and hair, too. So now, a day later, I still smell like yoghurt. Delicious smell though.

I have heard that saunas can burn fats as well. So I'm planning to go to the club once a week just to do a steam bath. That's of course aside from the colon cleaning I'm doing now. It would be good to burn fats from the outside. I have started taking detox tea by the way. I wanna get rid of the toxins in my body.

Mom enjoyed the sauna too. I am glad.

Here they are, relaxing after swimming.