Kids are on Break

posted by Jan

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This coming Monday is a holiday so the three of us (me and my kids), won't go to school. And because the kids will have a 3-day break, we sent them to my parents-in-law's place for the weekend.

Hubby and I are having a movie spree over pizza. It has been a long time since we didn't watch movies like this at home. Imagine watching 3 movies simultaneously. My eyes feel a bit strained. I wonder if it can cause eye wrinkles?

Speaking of which, I stumbled upon a home remedy for eye wrinkles. You can actually make your own eye wrinkle cream from a coconut oil. You just need to massage the coconut oil around your eyes before you go to sleep and voila! It would help prevent premature aging of the skin. I wonder if this would work for me because I have an oily skin. It would make my skin oily, I guess.

Anyways... we have more movies lining up. But then again, I think we won't have time to watch movies tomorrow because we're planning to go to Masjid India after church.