My Kids' Visitors

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My kids had been having regular visitors these days - all of them Schenker's classmates in his school. One of the blessings we have here is that 3 other kids from these housing area go to Schenker's class. And they all like to go to the park. Since our house is just across the park, the kids would come here too and play with my 2 kids. Shcneker would normally take them straight away to his room. They would play there for a long time. I am glad because I don't want them to be playing in my living room and mess up everything. My living room furniture is new and I wanna keep it for a very long time. So I'm keeping them safe by having the kids play in my boy's room. Speaking of furniture though, I wonder how much a patio furniture would cost? It would be nice to have one of those in our patio.

Anyways, last night, Hui En only left at about 11 pm. She and her mother (and one other) came to our house to talk about something. Hui En's mom is Indonesian Chinese and can only speak Bahasa (little English). So when we talk, my hubby would be there to interpret for me. She's actually an inspiration because the last time I saw her, she was rather on the plus-sized side. Now, she's very thin.

Would like to have more of her coming to my house so I can dig out her secret.

So when they left last night, I told Hui En she could come to the house and play with Schenker and Samantha everyday. LOL.