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Losing Weight Post Pregnancy

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When I was pregnant for the first time, I got so excited I read a lot of books about pregnancy, delivery, post pregnancy, etc. I knew then that if I exceeded my pregnancy weight limit (which was 15 kgs for my age and height), it would be hard to lose the weight after delivery. For my first, I was very careful with what I ate. In fact, I didn't have much appetite for food. But I gained 3 extra kgs. It took me a year to shed off those extras.

With my second though, my pregnancy was different. No matter how much I ate (I even drank sodas), I was still in my weight limit. In fact, I only gained 12 kgs overall my 2nd pregnancy. It was then very easy to lose weight. My only problem was my tummy. Everytime I meet new friends, they would ask me if third one was coming. I definitely thought of doing a weight loss surgery Mexico. I think my tummy needs surgery. It just doesn't wanna go down. I tried doing crunches before and before it got down, I got tired of doing it. Of all the crunches I did, I think the Pilates was the hardest of all to do.

Anyways... with my diet right now, I think I'm starting to lose weight in the middle too. I think, to couple it with exercise will be more effective. I just need to find time and motivation to do so.

Farm Town Versus Farmville

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So I've been to both: Farm Town and Farmville. I didn't do them at the same time though. I waited until I reached level 34 in Farm Town before I started with Farmville. So which one is better? I can't say really coz each one offers different features than the others. Although the rest of virtual farms are copied from Farm Town only. Farm Town is good in the sense that there is an interaction. And if you don't have time to do your farm, you can hire other virtual farmers to do it for you. While Farmville is faster and has more interesting features, Farm Town enables you to design your own farm. Farmville is limited in this sense. But one thing I like about Farmville is that it gives you a reward for reaching a certain level, harvested certain amount of crops, trees, etc. It's really fun but you get to work on your own. It's kind of a lonely lane... but they offer new features almost everyday. There is a cattle house (dairy farm) now that can house for up to 20 cows and you can milk them in one go. I hope they offer cattle supplies too where you can make your cows produce milk in an hour. LOL. That would make all farmers in Farmville busy then. Better not. LOL.

Anyways, I'm almost reaching level 34 in Farmville and I am saving for a villa Once I reach that level and once I get the villa, that will be the end of my Farmville life. Then I can concentrate more on my blogging (and my other small farms like Barn Buddy and Love Farm). Hehehe.

Reward Chart

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Boys and cars go together, I think. My boy has been asking me to buy him some more toy cars. He actually asked if we could buy him a real car. But we told him we couldn't afford it. So he said toy cars will do. He asked me whether I could give him a toy car with car accessories for his birthday. There was this animated movie called "Cars" and his friend Sanjay has a collection of those cars. Now he wants me to buy him those also.

We actually have a reward chart for both my kids. So I told him he could collect a lot of stars and we will buy all the stars from him so he can have money to buy himself some cars.

Reward Chart does help. He now picks up his clothes after him and puts them in his laundry basket on his own. Hehehe.

My Kids

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Since we came back from Brunei, my girl has been displaying some kind of attachment to me. I think it's because I have been leaving her a lot to my parents-in-law this time. When she goes to sleep, she would ask me if she could sleep on my tummy... And she would just roll her head on it. I think it's the "jelly-nish" of my belly fat that's making her feel so comfortable. LOL.

Now we've been spending a lot of time with her and her brother. Since both of them got sick this week, we didn't send them to school. It's good though because we have time to make up for the time we were not around. They're not used to be away from us. That's why.

Our Trip To Brunei

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We had a fruitful trip in Brunei last week, thank God. We had a very generous host. We stayed in one of his apartments and felt like we were in a good hotel. Last time, when the hubby visited them, he was arranged to stay in Brunei Hotel. So we thought we would stay there too. But we didn't and the hubby told me that the apartment was better than that of Brunei Hotel.

Suffice to say, we had a good time there, except that we had a little bit of a drama when I took photo of a not-supposed-to-take-photo-of-this-building. It was a hard lesson to learn. The good thing was, the owner of the building was our host. So he asked for an apology for the drama. But still, it was a lesson for me.

I wonder if in new orleans louisiana, they have a building that's occupied by high ranking officials it's not allowed to take photos even the ones adjacent to the building? Hmmmm... Next time, when I take photos, I make sure that I am allowed to do so.

A Gift as a Sign of Gratefulness

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Do you think giving some loose diamonds as gifts to parents good enough to thank them for their kindness? Just thinking about what gift to give to my parents-in-law again for taking care of the kids while we are away. The first time that we asked them to take care of our kids when the hubby and me went for an 8-day holiday to Phuket last year, we took both of them for a long holiday break in Macau, Hongkong and China in April this year with us. I think it was a good example to do that because the next thing we knew, my sister-in-law, who has been gaining favor from my parents-in-law for taking care of their kids while she's at work, took my father-in-law to a dinner on Father's day - for the first time. Now that we have asked my parents-in-law again to take care of the kids while we're on travel, I'm thinking again on what gift to give to them as a sign of gratefulness.

Missing My Kids

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The past few weeks had me found busy with work. I have been going with the hubby for some work. Two weeks ago, I joined him in Melaka for thePlan09 Conference. We stayed at home for 3 days and traveled to Thailand for 3 days, stayed one night at home and the next day, we flew to Brunei.

I think you cannot have your piece of cake and eat it too. I am missing my kids so much. I wish we can take them wherever we go... but since our trips require our full attention, we couldn't take them with us.

Hopefully we can go for a short vacation when we go back home on Monday. It would be good to spend time with kids again. We'll probably just drive to a nearby resort... There's no rv in Malaysia... that would mean no need to buy rv insurance. But I guess, if you do have an rv, you can always check the internet for the insurance.

It's Saturday now. Two more days and we're going back home. Can't wait to have my arms wrapped around my kids. I just miss them.

Travel Blessings

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Hubby and I just came back yesterday from our fruitful trip in Ranong, to visit the work and the workers among the Sea Gypsies (Mokens). Hubby asked me to go with him because he needed some Moken profile photos. I can say that I have improved a bit with my portrait photography. Thanks to articles on photography tips online. I kind of have an idea how to take shots. Now all I need to do is pray for a DSLR. It doesn't matter what brand... I just wanna have a better camera and probably divert my hobby from blogging to photography. NOT! ^_^

Now, we're on our way to Brunei. It's gonna be my first time to go there. There's a church (that hubby visited last year) that invited me to minister to the youths and the children.

I love traveling and even though these trips are for work, I feel like I'm going for one of those Orlando vacations. This is just one of the blessings we get when we obey and serve God... meeting our hearts' desires and actually enjoying it. God does want us to be blessed... all we need to do is open up our lives, our vessels, so that others can enjoy His blessings also. And the more the blessing flows though us, the more that we are blessed... And God is pleased because then, if we truly wanna be a blessing, He gets the glory and not us.