A Gift as a Sign of Gratefulness

posted by Jan

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Do you think giving some loose diamonds as gifts to parents good enough to thank them for their kindness? Just thinking about what gift to give to my parents-in-law again for taking care of the kids while we are away. The first time that we asked them to take care of our kids when the hubby and me went for an 8-day holiday to Phuket last year, we took both of them for a long holiday break in Macau, Hongkong and China in April this year with us. I think it was a good example to do that because the next thing we knew, my sister-in-law, who has been gaining favor from my parents-in-law for taking care of their kids while she's at work, took my father-in-law to a dinner on Father's day - for the first time. Now that we have asked my parents-in-law again to take care of the kids while we're on travel, I'm thinking again on what gift to give to them as a sign of gratefulness.