Losing Weight Post Pregnancy

posted by Jan

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When I was pregnant for the first time, I got so excited I read a lot of books about pregnancy, delivery, post pregnancy, etc. I knew then that if I exceeded my pregnancy weight limit (which was 15 kgs for my age and height), it would be hard to lose the weight after delivery. For my first, I was very careful with what I ate. In fact, I didn't have much appetite for food. But I gained 3 extra kgs. It took me a year to shed off those extras.

With my second though, my pregnancy was different. No matter how much I ate (I even drank sodas), I was still in my weight limit. In fact, I only gained 12 kgs overall my 2nd pregnancy. It was then very easy to lose weight. My only problem was my tummy. Everytime I meet new friends, they would ask me if third one was coming. I definitely thought of doing a weight loss surgery Mexico. I think my tummy needs surgery. It just doesn't wanna go down. I tried doing crunches before and before it got down, I got tired of doing it. Of all the crunches I did, I think the Pilates was the hardest of all to do.

Anyways... with my diet right now, I think I'm starting to lose weight in the middle too. I think, to couple it with exercise will be more effective. I just need to find time and motivation to do so.

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