Missing My Kids

posted by Jan

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The past few weeks had me found busy with work. I have been going with the hubby for some work. Two weeks ago, I joined him in Melaka for thePlan09 Conference. We stayed at home for 3 days and traveled to Thailand for 3 days, stayed one night at home and the next day, we flew to Brunei.

I think you cannot have your piece of cake and eat it too. I am missing my kids so much. I wish we can take them wherever we go... but since our trips require our full attention, we couldn't take them with us.

Hopefully we can go for a short vacation when we go back home on Monday. It would be good to spend time with kids again. We'll probably just drive to a nearby resort... There's no rv in Malaysia... that would mean no need to buy rv insurance. But I guess, if you do have an rv, you can always check the internet for the insurance.

It's Saturday now. Two more days and we're going back home. Can't wait to have my arms wrapped around my kids. I just miss them.