Our Trip To Brunei

posted by Jan

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We had a fruitful trip in Brunei last week, thank God. We had a very generous host. We stayed in one of his apartments and felt like we were in a good hotel. Last time, when the hubby visited them, he was arranged to stay in Brunei Hotel. So we thought we would stay there too. But we didn't and the hubby told me that the apartment was better than that of Brunei Hotel.

Suffice to say, we had a good time there, except that we had a little bit of a drama when I took photo of a not-supposed-to-take-photo-of-this-building. It was a hard lesson to learn. The good thing was, the owner of the building was our host. So he asked for an apology for the drama. But still, it was a lesson for me.

I wonder if in new orleans louisiana, they have a building that's occupied by high ranking officials it's not allowed to take photos even the ones adjacent to the building? Hmmmm... Next time, when I take photos, I make sure that I am allowed to do so.