Travel Blessings

posted by Jan


Hubby and I just came back yesterday from our fruitful trip in Ranong, to visit the work and the workers among the Sea Gypsies (Mokens). Hubby asked me to go with him because he needed some Moken profile photos. I can say that I have improved a bit with my portrait photography. Thanks to articles on photography tips online. I kind of have an idea how to take shots. Now all I need to do is pray for a DSLR. It doesn't matter what brand... I just wanna have a better camera and probably divert my hobby from blogging to photography. NOT! ^_^

Now, we're on our way to Brunei. It's gonna be my first time to go there. There's a church (that hubby visited last year) that invited me to minister to the youths and the children.

I love traveling and even though these trips are for work, I feel like I'm going for one of those Orlando vacations. This is just one of the blessings we get when we obey and serve God... meeting our hearts' desires and actually enjoying it. God does want us to be blessed... all we need to do is open up our lives, our vessels, so that others can enjoy His blessings also. And the more the blessing flows though us, the more that we are blessed... And God is pleased because then, if we truly wanna be a blessing, He gets the glory and not us.