Covent Garden, London

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Covent Garden in London is famous for its shops, street performers, bars, restaurants, theatres and the Royal Opera House. Covent Garden is an Italian-style piazza packed with restaurants, bars and fashionable boutiques. Surrounded by Theatreland, in the heart of London's West End, the area is recognised as the capital's premier entertainment and leisure destination.

We went to Covent Garden twice. The first time was just to check it out because our Frenchie friends we met at the hostel were talking so much about it. We went there in the evening. Most of the shops were closed. On the second time we went there, we made sure we went earlier, only to find out the shops close earlier on weekends. LOL. But there are a ling of pubs and restaurants in Covent Garden. There are a lot of stores and boutiques selling signature products. They might even have some weight loss products but because most of the shops were closed, we didn't find any.

When you talk about fashion and entertainment in London, Covent Garden is the place to go.