My Autumn Wear in London

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When I knew there was a possibility of me going with the hubs on his trip to London-Colombia, I decided not to shop for clothes unless and until I got my UK Visa. We started with the UK Visa application preparation after our trip in Brunei, 2 weeks before our flight schedule. Of course, I already had my air tickets for the whole trip then. I knew it's gonna be autumn in London and same weather in Colombia and I didn't have proper gears for this kind of weather/climate. But I waited until I got my visa. Funny thing was, my first UK Visa application was rejected because I didn't have the original invitation from the conference organizers in Colombia. So we had to email them and ask them to send us. They sent the original documents straight away but I only got it the next week, on Wednesday. Take note that our flight schedule was already the next week after I got the original invitation, on Monday. Usually, the VFS Agency would notify that application is processed two days after we submitted the documents. But Friday came and I still didn't hear from the agency. I was planning to shop for clothes on that Saturday. But like I said, I didn't hear any thing from them. So on Sunday, we decided to just borrow from my sister-in-law (who has lived in New Zealand) before something to wear in autumn. Of course, since they're borrowed, I wasn't properly coordinated.

I only got my UK visa at 11:00 in the morning on Monday and our flight was at 3:00 pm. I was dazed. Good thing was, I already packed my clothes along with hubs'.

On the first day, I didn't feel quite cold. So I wore this and got away with it.

But it got colder so I had to wear something more. I felt very awkward wearing this: (scarf off color with my sports shoes)

But in London, nobody really cared. So I also got away with it.

But when we were walking about at Notting Hill street, I saw a few retro shops. We went inside... and was thrilled because all those second hand items were authentic and not very expensive. I didn't see Dansko shoes but I saw a lot of boots. I tried on different ones and I finally got a pair my size, the color of which matched my bag, authentic leather, and my kind of style, at 10 GBP. That was like... wow! I could buy something like that with the same amount in Malaysia, but it would be only for a fashion pair of boots... and not authentic which cannot guarantee a long life.

And of course, I love going to Marks and Spencer's. I saw a matching cashmiri scarf that matched with my boots and my hand bag so I bought one. And this was my put-together autumn outfit: taran!

Note: coat was borrowed.
Another note (to self): must polish my boots. :D