Still on the Jet Lag

posted by Jan

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It has been more than a week since we came back from our London-Bogota trip and yet I am still feeling the jet lag. Kuala Lumpur and London time difference is not much. There's an 8-hour difference. Kuala Lumpur and Bogota has 15 hour difference also. But we flew back from London so I've been considering the 8 hour lag. My friend who is currently based in London said it usually takes her a week to get over the time zone difference. And mine is already a few days after a week.

Last night, I went to bed early... probably at 9 pm. Then I woke up. I thought it was already 4 am. I came downstairs and saw the kitchen clock. It's only 1 am! And I was like totally awake and feeling the freshness of the new morning. LOL.

Anyways, I have read some tips on how to deal with jet lag... and actually doing some... to no avail. I'm probably just different. Also, my husband is still jet lagged. He wasn't like this when he came back from the US last time. I think it only took him a few days to recover.

Yesterday, one of our friends who went to Bogota called my hubby. He came back home earlier than us and told us he just got over the lag. So we're thinking... it's probably the Bogota time zone we're adjusting with and not the London's.

Anyways, maybe I try to go back to bed and force myself to sleep... or follow the tips like drink warm milk, watch something on one of those LCD tvs, maybe read a magazine... or maybe stay online. LOL. Possibilities are endless. But the point is... how do I go back to sleep? That's a real challenge.