Tenaga Surprise

posted by Jan

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Tenaga (Electric Company in Malaysia) has taken us by surprise again. I think surprise is an opposing term. Shock is the right term I guess. So yes, Tenaga shocked us again with RM1,000+ electric bill.

What happens is, when we get our bill month by month, it doesn't really reflect on the right amount of usage. They usually base it on the previous month's bill. So even if we use more electricity, if they haven't checked our meter, and if they haven't calculate the right amount, we get the same bill. And so what happens is that we use more electricity when we have guests, and we can only get the right bill 3-5 months later.

It happened twice already. One time it happened when we were still in our previous house, and it happened again last month. We don't really know the exact amount of electricity we use per month because our Tenaga guys just assume our usage.

So yes, we're a bit tight for this month for paying up the miscalculated bill for the previous months. That also doesn't include our electrical supplies cost. I can just imagine how it would be like if that happens all the time.

I just hope that next time, we would know our true electric consumption and if the bill is lesser, we can set aside the extra amount for the next time's Tenaga surprise.