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We flew from London to Bogota by Air France. I found the flight from travelocity. We booking in our side here, but it didn't seem to get through. We asked a friend in Thailand who's from the US to do the bookings for us but it didn't get through either. We asked my friends Steven and Aisha who are currently living in America to do the bookings for us. It didn't get through at first but on second try, they were able to book the flight. It was a hassle but we were grateful for them for doing the bookings for us.

On our way to Bogota, the flight was on time. We didn't have any problem. On the way back to London though, the problem started. From Bogota, we're supposed to touch down in Paris for a 9-hour transit. We reached Paris in the morning and our supposed flight would be in the evening.

We didn't need to check in because we were in transit only. We waited at the boarding gate an hour earlier. Then one shuttle bus came and took us to the Air France plane. When I saw the plane, it looked like it was junked. And I started praying. Remember the Air France plane which didn't make the flight and crashed somewhere? I got a bit concerned. Hubby felt the same way too.

We stayed at the shuttle bus for a long time, wondering what was going on. When one of the crews came to us and told us something (in French), the passengers started mumbling about something. Then we realized our flight was canceled due to lack of airplanes available. At least, that was what one of the French passengers told us.

So we went back to the terminal. Others were given a hotel stay outside the airport. Since I didn't have Schengen Visa, one of the crews tried applying a visa for me which apparently was rejected. So they put us in Air France VIP Lounge to stay for a night. It was freezingly cold outside. I didn't have extra coat with me because they were all packed in our checked in luggage.

And so, we stayed there for a night, were given a meal, and free usage of internet. Since we were on jet lag (10 hours time difference between Colombia and Paris), we couldn't sleep well that night. And you can guess we had dark eye circles because we were practically awake for 24 hours!

Anyways, our flight was at 7:30 in the morning. Somebody came and picked us up from the lounge at around 6:00 am.

We tried writing to Air France management and asked for a compensation because we had to let go of our hotel booking in London. But so far, we didn't hear any thing from them yet.

We also tried to contact travelocity because we bought insurance for the flights but they were asking for some credit card infos and documents. Didn't want to hassle my friends about it. So we had to let go of the insurance.

Will I use Travelocity again? Definitely, not. Will I fly Air France again? Well, if I can get a good airfare, I would. It's the cheapest we found from London to Bogota. So I was grateful for Air France about it. We had to go through some hassles but we were treated like VIPs. Only, they neglected our letter of appeal for compensation.


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