Air France has Responded!

posted by Jan


I just posted about about our Air France flight recently, saying that we wrote to Air France management and asked for compensation for the trouble that we went through. I also posted about the hassles of booking a flight from travelocity. I was just writing my experience with them and not blaming anybody. You know what, today, we got the reply. From Air France.

They explained what happened and why. In compensation, they gave us travel vouchers for two, we can use it anywhere in the world and valid for one year.

Wow... if getting stranded with Air France and getting a compensation like this, I truly won't complain. LOL. It's just too bad that we can't use it for cross country moving. But well, we won't be doing that any time soon... or ever. So it's okay.

I am glad to be able to get a reply from Air France. Will definitely fly with them again.

Bonjour! ;)


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