Cold Weather and Skin Type

posted by Jan

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I am missing to be in a cold weather. Actually, the weather in Malaysia is getting cooler. Last time I checked, (like 3 minutes ago) it was 27 deg celsius. I know it's nothing compared to zero degrees my friends in the US are experiencing right now. I am just missing the cold weather. My skin type is oily and I noticed that in cold weather, it doesn't get oily that much. The tendency of having an oily skin on the face is that the skin tends to break out a lot. And if not cared for properly, you would end up having lots of zits that sometimes, it gets to the extent of doing acne treatment. Oily skin needs to have a water-based cosmetics, especially when you live in a tropical place, to control the oil "production." Hmmmm... I wonder if oil-based cosmetics would work on my skin type if I try it in a cold place. That is yet to be tried.