Diet Update

posted by Jan

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I started using USANA Reset last month but when we left for London, I stopped taking the supplement. I was worried that if I stopped using, I would gain back the weight I have lost. You know, USANA products are not that cheap. It would be a waste of money if I gained back the weight in just a few weeks. In London, we didn't eat much. But when we were in Bogota, we couldn't resist the food. So I thought I have lost hope in maintaining my weight. But when we came back from our trip, I weighed myself and to my surprise, I didn't gain at all. I maintained my weight! Right now, I'm doing a portion control when I eat. I cut down on my rice intake. Sometimes, I indulge myself and I don't do portion control at all. But my weight is still the same. I would like to think that I don't need weight loss pills anymore. But then again, I am still a few kgs extra away from my ideal weight. I know I need to work on losing some more. I have 20 more days to go.