Narita Airport, Japan

posted by Jan

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We are now at the Narita Airport Terminal in Japan. We got off the plane at 6:30 am, Japan time. We waited at the terminal until 8 am to get a bus that goes to the main terminal.

We just exchanged currency because our flight to Atlanta will only be this afternoon. Quite surprised that Japanese Yen is stronger now. For 50RM, we got 1,100 Yen.

We went looking for food and ended up eating at McDonald's. For two of us, we paid 50RM for 2 breakfast sets. Hmmm... quite expensive, I may say. But we had to eat.

Our counter will only be open at 11:30. I have more time to go around the airport terminal. Geez... it's like walking in a mall here. Too many signature shops and I can only drool.