Done Shopping? Think Not

posted by Jan

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After church this afternoon, we were going for Mexican food. On the way, our friends decided to drop by 99 Cents and Dollar Tree stores. I thought it was... okay, it didn't hurt to see what they have. And so after a few steps from the 99 cents door, I got into a frenzy mode. The shopper in me has awakened. And I thought I was done shopping already but not until I got into those stores. Of course, there was no Nanette Lepore to buy there. But my, oh my... I could shop there forever. LOL. Yeah, me and my exaggeration. But really, I shopped like nobody cared. Of course most of them were for the kids. I got a 250-piece puzzle for myself for a dollar. I mean... where can you get a 250-piece puzzle for a dollar. Now that I think about it, I regretted buying only one. I should have bought more. I love doing puzzles. Anyways, now I know where to go when in US. If ever I get a chance to come here again, I would definitely go straight in. To 99 cents store and Dollar Tree store.