Good Times and Good Food in Alpharetta

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Had a really good time and food in Alpharetta with our friend Deb. She's just an awesome and lovely host. Can't thank God enough for her. She made us lovely dinners.

She made us some nice shrimp scampi for our dinner on our first night... which I didn't take photos because I wasn't sure whether it was okay for her and I was too shy to ask. >=<

On our third night, she made us roast beef, medium rare. oh so tender and juicy it was.

On our fourth night, she made us Italian food. Stuffed shell and meatballs in tomato sauce.

I can't even remember when she cooked the lobsters! They were all sooo sooo good.

Before we left Alpharetta, she made us brunch. French toast with blueberries topped with maple syrup. Soooo soooo yum.

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