My US Visa

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A few days after we came back from the UK and Colombia, my husband already started preparing for my documents for my US visa application. It was funny because that week, I had a jet lag and I couldn't sleep at nights. And two nights before my scheduled interview appointment I could already sleep the whole night. But the night before the interview, I couldn't sleep because I was very nervous, thinking about what the interview would be like. Well, I have searched the internet on tips on getting a US visa approval and it made me even more nervous. One common thing people have said was... look confident and talk confident. The interviewer would base on the approval on what you say on that day. It's so unlike the UK visa approval. The burden of proof would be on the documents you submitted and not the words you say.

And so... we went to the US Embassy for the interview. And I was trying very hard to look confident although inside me was like a roaring thunder of nervousness. Well, the thing with me is.... the more nervous I get, the more confident I look. The more nervous I get, the more confident I speak. Kind of weird, I know. But that's me. That's also true when I speak in front of people. People usually won't know I have a public speaking anxiety. LOL. Anyways, I knew that God's favor was with me on that day. The interview went on smoothly and the guy who interviewed me understood exactly what we're doing in Malaysia. In fact, he would fill in some terms for me I couldn't say. My definition would be so long trying to avoid some terms but he would fill in for me. LOL. He was great. And when he told me he was giving me a visa, I didn't hear him. So I asked him again, twice. LOL. He was very patient indeed. Really, it was God's favor.

And yes, I got a 10 year-visa to the US. And that night, I couldn't sleep again because I was too overwhelmed: dazed, amazed, and blown away indeed I was and still am.

(image: view of downtown atlanta from omni hotel)

But of course, I won't know whether I can use the 10 years. Only God knows when he's taking me to the US again. But I truly enjoyed my time there. It was good that I had a great first impression of the US. Friends were taking us to beautiful places. It was an awesome experience. Like I always say: Can't thank God 'nuff for it.