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Just called my kids again. I'm terribly missing them. I told hubby that after this trip, I won't go with hubby unless the kids are with us. It is so hard to be away from them. The kids probably don't have a hard time... but I am having a hard time. It's just too much. 3 weeks to be away is way too much. I guess I'm having a separation anxiety. I actually almost pulled out from this trip, knowing I'd leave my kids for 3 long weeks... but I couldn't since my tickets were purchased and had our confirmed schedule for our itinerary.

5 more days to go though.

We are now in Bakersfield. It was so foggy when we entered the exit to Bakersfield.

Need to buy some load for our sim card. Our load has been used up and I haven't called some of my friends in the US yet.

I have posted some packages for a few friends and found out it's not that much to send by post mail. I guess it would be cheap to send other cards too like Christmas Cards, thank you cards, wedding invitations, etc. They go by the size of the envelope, not by the weight.

I am so sleepy but I want to finish some undone works online. Tomorrow, we're going to a church here in Bakersfield. That would be my first time to attend a church in America. Oh well, everything I do and everywhere I go is a first time here. LOL.

Can't wait to go home and be with the kids.

I terribly miss you, Schenker and Samantha!

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