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That Weird Feeling

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Last Thursday, my husband sent my kids and father-in-law to Banting. The kids' grandmother said she missed the kids so much and she wanted the kids over for the weekend. I know that mom-in-law is still recovering... but I thought since she requested, it would probably bring a smile to her heart to be spending time with the kids again.

Since they left late, I suggested my husband to stay in Banting for a night or two if he preferred it.

And so last Thursday night, I was home alone. First time to be alone in this house. I was fine that night because I needed to finish off some tasks. So I was online until 2:00 o'clock in the morning.

The next day, I woke up only at 11:30 am. First time I slept in without somebody waking me up. The kids are usually up early in the morning even though it's weekend. So I would usually hear them in my sleep.

So I had breakfast at 12:00. I decided to do some spring cleaning. I finished everything by afternoon at 3:00 and that's the only time I had my lunch. By evening, that weird feeling started creeping within me.

I appreciated the break... but y'know... I would sometimes hear a "mommy" from the back of my head. Am I prone to schrezoprenia? Nope. It's probably a mommy instinct.

I didn't hear from my hubby so I assumed he was gonna stay there another night.

But at 7 pm, when I was about to have my dinner (from left over), he came with crabs, ingredients and recipe from my mom-in-law.

I was so glad to see my husband. LOL. Not that he brought some crabs... But y'know if you're used to having people around... when they're away, it puts a hole in your heart.

And so yesterday, we went to see a movie and walked about inside Sunway Pyramid and check whether British Indian was on sale. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford any even though they were on 50% sale. I went to other shop and wished they had Symbol LS2208 scanner... because sometimes, some items don't have tags.

Anyways... we went for a movie too. Valentine's Day was star-studded. The movie was fun. Loved it.

When we came home, I was amazed to see the house was looking so clean. And so... this was how it's like if we didn't have kids. A clean, organized, cozy house.

But of course the joy that our kids bring is incomparable compared to having a clean, organized, cozy house.

So while my parents-in-law are enjoying my kids... I am missing them so much.

Today they're coming home. And I am cooking spaghetti for them.

I can't wait.

Crab Night

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I have been craving for crabs... since ages ago. Can't even remember when it started. And so yesterday, when my dearest, ever dearest husband came home from my parents-in-law's place, he came home with 6 crabs, ingredients, and the recipe.

Black pepper crab

These were the crabs,

the ingredients,

and mom-in-law gave the recipe.

The result, a happy wife.

And cleaned out crabs.

I ate so much. I even felt full after waking up this morning. I hope to go to the club and use one of their fitness equipment. Anyways, it has been long since I didn't go there. Hope we can go there today or tomorrow, before the kids come home.

Movie Night

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Last night was a movie night with hubby. We watched the movie on the tv. We would usually watch movies on our computers when the kids are at home. But we also do that when they're asleep already. So we usually have a late night movie.

We watched two movies last night. It's nothing romantic. Just the "Spy Next Door" with Jacki Chan and "Universal Soldier" with Jean Claude Van Damme. We will never be able to watch these kinds of movies when the kinds are around. Too many violent scenes showing up.

I wish though we would have one of those tv stands that is operated by a remote control so that we can just turn it the other way when the kids show up at night. LOL. I think that's a wishful thinking. Hehehe.

Anyways... we're planning to watch a movie tonight in the cinema. TGV. Sunway Pyramid. Not sure what's showing though.

Blogging, for What?

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Friends know that I have been blogging for quite some time now and that I have earned quite a bit with my paid blogging. I created a blog in blogger when I saw my friend's blogspot blog. I kind of like it coz you can post a lot of photos. Back then, I would blog about my kids and their developments. Only.

Three years ago, I was going back to the Philippines with my family. But before doing that, I searched online on Pinoy mommies, their blogs, what they're up to, especially in the Philippines. I got into a community site about Filipino Mommies and their journey through parenting. I joined that site.

From there, I learned that you could actually earn money from blogging. So I seriously considered it. It was a bomb! I was sooo excited to get my 100$US for my first month. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the amount in my paypal account.

Then I learned that I could use other blogs to earn money. Creating new blogs has been unstoppable til then. And earning from my blogs has been unstoppable too. I have my family to take care of during the day so I had to stay up late just to finish my assignments.
I could probably use some acne serums then. But, oh well... the amount I get could buy me lots of those. LOL.

Anyways, my paid blogging has taken me to London and Colombia. Of course, it was God's blessings. I always consider my earnings as God's blessings. My earnings has taken my family and parents-in-law to Macau, Hongkong and China. All these trips I made in just one year.

So can you imagine how much I have earned so far?

I don't intend to brag about it. I tell my friends so I could encourage them to jump into the hype and get paid!

Sometimes when I see blogs that are full of links, tags, awards without trying to earn from it, I think they're wasting their time. You do those for search engine optimization (seo). I have stopped doing it when google slapped my page ranks. I stopped doing those when I got into this company that really takes care of their bloggers. The reason for doing seo is so that we get a higher page rank. The reason why we want a higher page rank is so that we can get a higher pay. But Mr Google seems to be very strict about giving page ranks. So I stick to my favorite pay you to blog company.

So I urge those who want to monetize their blogs to please start getting a wordpress-powered blog and get it hosted somewhere else.

We do blog out of our passion to write. And we are happy to let friends know our updates. But wouldn't you be happy if you're doing your passion and letting your friends know your family updates and at the same time, earning from it?

Come, let's join the hype!

Who knows, it could take you to places of your dreams too. Like how it did to mine. :D Or maybe you have a different goal. It doesn't matter. Just blog and get paid and do whatever you wanna do with your earnings.

Not One but Three

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I just recently posted about one apartment unit in Arcadia that was broken into by some burglars. I just learned later that there wasn't only one that was broken into, but three! All in one day. All in the same block! How could that happen? That apartment has security guards and it was broken into? I kind of think it's an inside job.

I hope it will be stopped. Or better yet, I hope people who live in the area start asking around for insurance quotes. We never know what might happen next.

I can just pray.

Broken Into

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My father-in-law works in Arcadia Apartment management. It so happened that our we have our apartment there that's rented out. Just tonight when my father-in-law came home, he told us that one of the units in the apartment just got broken into. The unit was in block B, where our apartment was. But it's on the floor up. Things like this do happen. It is sad to know. I guess aside from getting a home insurance, people should insure their things in the house too.

I remember one time our office was broken into and our new projector was stolen. We were able to claim that from the insurance company. Hopefully, those people in the house living there have insured what was stolen.

Veggietales - Song of Cebu

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One of my favorite parts in Veggietales is the Silly Songs with Larry. Of course I love all the Veggietales stories. They're usually Biblically-based stories and teach kids on some values. The latest in my kids' collection is Josh and the Big Wall. And the Song of Cebu is also in it. Well, it's Silly Songs of Larry part... so don't expect too much. Here it is:

I wonder if Veggietales has promotional mugs? There are some products I know that use mugs for promotion. Or even a welcome gift.

Anyways... I got a bit off topic... but this I say, I love every Veggietales cd my kids have. I first saw Veggietales when I was in Phuket, way back almost 10 years ago and I thought I would definitely want my kids to see the programs. Now that I have kids, I am glad they are loving Veggietales too.

On the Way to Thailand

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One cannot believe this but when we were on our way to Thailand, in just 1.5 hours away from our place, we discovered we had punctured tire. Good thing we were at an R&R (rest and relaxation) area and petrol station was just nearby. My husband successfully pumped air inside the tire after 2 hours of trying it. We are not on the high risk auto insurance list but I wonder if things like this happen, we can claim it from the insurance company? I just thought about it coz we spent too much by just changing tires! And please, don't ask me how much we payed. It's beyond imagination. I was shocked myself when I saw the bill. But decided to cool down a bit because we were on the way to our holiday. I didn't wanna spoil the holiday mode. But lesson learned here is: always listen to your mechanic.

Colon Cleanse

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Yeah, I know... I've been blogging about colon cleanse. But is it really important to do that? I have read that colon cancer is caused by having a not so clean colon. Will colon cleansing prevent colon cancer? If it does, of course, I would recommend that everybody has to go through it. There are a lot of ways to do cleansing. Eating fruits the right way can do colon cleansing... Detox teas can also do that. You just have to make a choice.

Weight Loss Craze

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It’s funny how me and my girl friends talk about our weights. We often email each other of some diet programs we have tried and try to compare. Lately, though, I have said goodbye temporarily to dieting. Being in South Thailand spells food trip! Although I have been faithful with my diet regimen back home, I cannot help but also wonder what it is like to take the best weight loss pills? None of our friends have really tried any for fear of its side effects, but with a doctor’s approval, why should I not try? Well, these are just thoughts. I wonder what is the best weight loss pill suited for me?

Forever Young?

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I was introduced to this woman just today and she said we have already met more than 10 years ago at some meeting. I apologized for not remembering her. She said it was alright, because that was a long time ago and it was very casual , anyway. She was not trying to be rude, but she made a comment that I was so beautiful then. My friends and hubby laughed at that comment, asking her “what about now”? She tried to be polite, defending her first statement that of course now with two kids, my appearance changed. I was laughing hard myself—I was not offended at all, because I knew what she meant. But on the other hand, should I buy an anti wrinkle cream? I know I cannot stop age, but I think I am not that ready to get wrinkles yet. Sigh, can I even stay forever young?

Height Matters

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My friend used to say this and it does remind me about heights and all: "I hate to be standing with my two sisters. I have a four-year gap with the sister next to me, and the sister next to her is five years my junior. But maybe their human growth hormone is more than mine, because they are really tall. Well, on the brighter side, many people are confused as to who is older than who. Happy me... people do not see me as the eldest!"

Needing One

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I was just browsing through and I instantly knew I was needing one. With me having two kids after 6 years of marriage is like having a good excuse of gaining weight. I know I can lose some. But I am doing it the wrong way. When do I get to learn to do things the right way? Now I am sort of giving a lot of excuses... and even spending so much just to lose weight and gain back in just a day. I need a total mind makeover. I need to makeup my mind!

Garabuning Spa

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Today, I was looking for my post about the spa I did in Hatyai 3 years ago. I am so in dire need (or want - whatever) of another whole body spa. I found my post in my 360 yahoo blog and found out that I had it in Garabuning Spa, near Diana.

I had steam sauna, body scrub, body massage and facial. It was a real treat. Last year, when we went to Ranong, my hubby wanted to treat me to a spa. He gave me the money. But somehow that money was missing. Until now, I couldn't find it. I felt really terrible when it happened coz I so wanted a spa.

Now my husband wanna give me another treat... for Valentine's gift.

Not sure whether I'll go for it.

I need to have a spa companion, don't I? Otherwise, I would be feeling so guilty enjoying the spa alone. But then again... I'm really wanting one. I am wanting a facial too. Services like that here are so good it equals to having best acne products. Sigh.