Blogging, for What?

posted by Jan


Friends know that I have been blogging for quite some time now and that I have earned quite a bit with my paid blogging. I created a blog in blogger when I saw my friend's blogspot blog. I kind of like it coz you can post a lot of photos. Back then, I would blog about my kids and their developments. Only.

Three years ago, I was going back to the Philippines with my family. But before doing that, I searched online on Pinoy mommies, their blogs, what they're up to, especially in the Philippines. I got into a community site about Filipino Mommies and their journey through parenting. I joined that site.

From there, I learned that you could actually earn money from blogging. So I seriously considered it. It was a bomb! I was sooo excited to get my 100$US for my first month. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the amount in my paypal account.

Then I learned that I could use other blogs to earn money. Creating new blogs has been unstoppable til then. And earning from my blogs has been unstoppable too. I have my family to take care of during the day so I had to stay up late just to finish my assignments.
I could probably use some acne serums then. But, oh well... the amount I get could buy me lots of those. LOL.

Anyways, my paid blogging has taken me to London and Colombia. Of course, it was God's blessings. I always consider my earnings as God's blessings. My earnings has taken my family and parents-in-law to Macau, Hongkong and China. All these trips I made in just one year.

So can you imagine how much I have earned so far?

I don't intend to brag about it. I tell my friends so I could encourage them to jump into the hype and get paid!

Sometimes when I see blogs that are full of links, tags, awards without trying to earn from it, I think they're wasting their time. You do those for search engine optimization (seo). I have stopped doing it when google slapped my page ranks. I stopped doing those when I got into this company that really takes care of their bloggers. The reason for doing seo is so that we get a higher page rank. The reason why we want a higher page rank is so that we can get a higher pay. But Mr Google seems to be very strict about giving page ranks. So I stick to my favorite pay you to blog company.

So I urge those who want to monetize their blogs to please start getting a wordpress-powered blog and get it hosted somewhere else.

We do blog out of our passion to write. And we are happy to let friends know our updates. But wouldn't you be happy if you're doing your passion and letting your friends know your family updates and at the same time, earning from it?

Come, let's join the hype!

Who knows, it could take you to places of your dreams too. Like how it did to mine. :D Or maybe you have a different goal. It doesn't matter. Just blog and get paid and do whatever you wanna do with your earnings.


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