Garabuning Spa

posted by Jan

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Today, I was looking for my post about the spa I did in Hatyai 3 years ago. I am so in dire need (or want - whatever) of another whole body spa. I found my post in my 360 yahoo blog and found out that I had it in Garabuning Spa, near Diana.

I had steam sauna, body scrub, body massage and facial. It was a real treat. Last year, when we went to Ranong, my hubby wanted to treat me to a spa. He gave me the money. But somehow that money was missing. Until now, I couldn't find it. I felt really terrible when it happened coz I so wanted a spa.

Now my husband wanna give me another treat... for Valentine's gift.

Not sure whether I'll go for it.

I need to have a spa companion, don't I? Otherwise, I would be feeling so guilty enjoying the spa alone. But then again... I'm really wanting one. I am wanting a facial too. Services like that here are so good it equals to having best acne products. Sigh.