That Weird Feeling

posted by Jan

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Last Thursday, my husband sent my kids and father-in-law to Banting. The kids' grandmother said she missed the kids so much and she wanted the kids over for the weekend. I know that mom-in-law is still recovering... but I thought since she requested, it would probably bring a smile to her heart to be spending time with the kids again.

Since they left late, I suggested my husband to stay in Banting for a night or two if he preferred it.

And so last Thursday night, I was home alone. First time to be alone in this house. I was fine that night because I needed to finish off some tasks. So I was online until 2:00 o'clock in the morning.

The next day, I woke up only at 11:30 am. First time I slept in without somebody waking me up. The kids are usually up early in the morning even though it's weekend. So I would usually hear them in my sleep.

So I had breakfast at 12:00. I decided to do some spring cleaning. I finished everything by afternoon at 3:00 and that's the only time I had my lunch. By evening, that weird feeling started creeping within me.

I appreciated the break... but y'know... I would sometimes hear a "mommy" from the back of my head. Am I prone to schrezoprenia? Nope. It's probably a mommy instinct.

I didn't hear from my hubby so I assumed he was gonna stay there another night.

But at 7 pm, when I was about to have my dinner (from left over), he came with crabs, ingredients and recipe from my mom-in-law.

I was so glad to see my husband. LOL. Not that he brought some crabs... But y'know if you're used to having people around... when they're away, it puts a hole in your heart.

And so yesterday, we went to see a movie and walked about inside Sunway Pyramid and check whether British Indian was on sale. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford any even though they were on 50% sale. I went to other shop and wished they had Symbol LS2208 scanner... because sometimes, some items don't have tags.

Anyways... we went for a movie too. Valentine's Day was star-studded. The movie was fun. Loved it.

When we came home, I was amazed to see the house was looking so clean. And so... this was how it's like if we didn't have kids. A clean, organized, cozy house.

But of course the joy that our kids bring is incomparable compared to having a clean, organized, cozy house.

So while my parents-in-law are enjoying my kids... I am missing them so much.

Today they're coming home. And I am cooking spaghetti for them.

I can't wait.