Veggietales - Song of Cebu

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One of my favorite parts in Veggietales is the Silly Songs with Larry. Of course I love all the Veggietales stories. They're usually Biblically-based stories and teach kids on some values. The latest in my kids' collection is Josh and the Big Wall. And the Song of Cebu is also in it. Well, it's Silly Songs of Larry part... so don't expect too much. Here it is:

I wonder if Veggietales has promotional mugs? There are some products I know that use mugs for promotion. Or even a welcome gift.

Anyways... I got a bit off topic... but this I say, I love every Veggietales cd my kids have. I first saw Veggietales when I was in Phuket, way back almost 10 years ago and I thought I would definitely want my kids to see the programs. Now that I have kids, I am glad they are loving Veggietales too.