A Break That Was

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As I have posted earlier, my friend invited me for a 2-day holiday break. She has a condo unit in Mont Kiara and it's really a nice place. I remember we used to go to Mont Kiara just to hang out.

My friend's husband was out of the country for a week and so my friend was feeling rather lonely. So she called and asked whether we could hang out. Now, I have blogged about this friend last time. She and the husband gave me my digital camera I've been using for my images in my posts in my blogs. And I have mentioned that everytime they invited us to their place, we would surely come home and looking like we've gone shopping. They would probably give us Branson tickets if they had. That's how generous this couple is.

So yesterday, after sending the kids to school, we drove to their place. And she took me shopping. I saw a nice pair of sandals that I really liked but when I saw how much, I left it and walked away. My friend asked me whether I liked it. I said yes... but never mind, there's no need to buy. And so she said, come back, show me again. I wanna buy for you. Ugghhh... I hesitated so much. But she also insisted so much. So now I have a new pair of nice sandals. I just recently bought a new pair of cute slippers. *Grin*

Anyways, I bought some new clothes for myself. And she did too. It's really been a long time since I didn't shop for myself. I usually shop for my kids and hubby. Glad to be able to shop without distractions.

Anyways... I had a good break. I appreciated the time spent with a friend.

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