Genting's Dizzy Spell

posted by Jan

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Here's me and my son. Do you know where we were? This shot was taken in Genting Highlands, while we were on top... on the Ferris Wheel. LOL. Yep, I did have a dizzy spell when we took this ride. My son said he had it too. It's quite obvious in this picture. I closed my eyes so the dizziness wouldn't get worse.

Anyways, the kiddos enjoyed their time in Gentings so much. And I had a headache all throughout. It's probably due to lack of sleep. I don't usually get dizzy easily.
And so when we came home from Genting Highlands, I slept early. I was hoping to finish some things but I just couldn't. Anyways, I need to make up for a lot of sleepless nights. Sleep is a good treatment for a lot of things. I wonder if it's good for treatment for blackheads too? Maybe not. Blackheads require some other stuff for treatment. But generally speaking enough sleep has a lot of health benefits.