Kodak Theater, Red Carpet 2010

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During our trip to the US, we were so blessed to be able to stay in Hollywood and had an awesome host. He took us around Los Angeles, sent us to Universal Studios, Rodeo Drive, and Kodak Theater at Hollywood and Highlands Mall. Kodak Theater is where the Oscar Academy Award is usually held. And our host explained to us how they close down the street just for the famous Red Carpet walk.

The excited me took a red carpet walk... just to to see how it felt when a celebrity did it. Well, how did I feel? Of course, I felt it's just one of those ordinary walks. The difference when the celebrities walk is the cameras are on them and people gawking on them. Well, two cameras were on me too and people were watching me and the two men trying to take photo of this celebrity-red-carpet-pretend-walk. Well, the difference is that... mine is real and theirs is a fantasy. Or is it the other way around? LOL. Of course the obvious difference is that I wasn't wearing a gown... and I wasn't famous. How did I even compare myself with them? LOL. Shame.

Our host was a chaplain of the LA Veteran's Hospital and he jokingly said:
I think I sensed that you are called to LA.


It reminded me of the joke I made when I was with a team in the mountains of Debabawon tribe in the Philippines... and while bathing in a narrow stream, I blurted out. "I realized that I am called indeed... called to be in New York!" LOL. That joke became classic. I even heard a team mate using that as a joke.

Anyways, if there's a chance to go back to the US, I pray that the kids could go along too. We could probably get one of those Outer Banks vacation rentals. I really look forward to that. Next year, there is yet another conference in Atlanta. I am not sure yet whether they would still invite/sponsor us. I hope they will. I hope they will.