Our Lipstick Story

posted by Jan

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I made a mistake. I sometimes do my make up in front of my daughter. And so, she has learned that girls do ear make up and since she's a girl, she can do it too. I told her it's only for big girls. And she said, I'm a big girl too, what? LOL. And so, yes, sometimes, she would sneak on me and put on a lipstick.

I don't want to say no to her so much. For her, the more I say no, the more she wants to do it. So I use reverse psychology. I let her put on a lipstick. And later, I touched her lips and asked her...

"What's happening to your lips my girl?"

"Why mommy?"

"It is so dry and the skin is peeling off. I think next time, there's no need to put lipstick because it is spoiling your skin."

"Okay Mommy."

LOL. Success. I hope. LOL. Anyways, it's not good for kids to wear make up at such a young age. It could be harmful to their skin. The mothers usually get the blame if some things happen to their skin. Hmm... Actually, http://www.hormonalacne.org tells more about skin and skin care. Go ahead and check.

Here, she's putting on lipstick on our house guest (my friend Renel)... And she felt so grown up doing this. Hehehe. :D