Things to do

posted by Jan

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I have a list of things to do while hubby is away. He's only coming back next week so I have an ample time to do everything. Here's my list:

1. Finish the book I just started reading.

2. Do up my garden a little bit more. I have hired a grass-cutter yesterday to trim the grass in our lawn but I think it's not enough. My plants all look so pathetic already. I haven't starting spraying anti-worms on my vegetables in our backyard. I need to start doing it.

3. Fold all the clothes. I have a mountain-load of them, in our room. I should have done it before our friends came over but I procrastinated so I hid them in my room. :D

5. Do a spring cleaning. Wash the curtains in my living room. Now, it just reminded me... where are my wood blinds? I used to have them hanging around the previous house but now I don't know here I have stored them. Need to find it soon. It's a good alternative especially when washing my cloth curtains.

6. Etc.