Chicken Macaroni Soup

posted by Jan

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This year, I started trying to cook most of the time at home. Of course I used to cook a lot last time too but sometimes, I would ask hubby to buy outside food. But I thought cooking at home would be much cheaper. The kids love pasta. So I cook pasta most of the time. But I have to vary the dishes too as eating same dishes can get very boring. I love pasta too. So everytime I cook pasta, I could eat like crazy. I think I need to visit for some diet tips. :D

Anyways, I cooked this one day, chicken macaroni soup. It's not an elbow macaroni though... but my kids sooo loved it. So did I. I also love pasta pesto... I tried cooking once (pesto is a very expensive sauce lah!) but my kids didn't like the taste of the sauce. Will have to look for more pasta recipes.