My Kids' Craft Time

posted by Jan

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I am not a crafty person. Oppsss... that sounded not so nice. LOL. But really, I dislike doing crafts. I am not patient enough do follow through. I have started doing cross-stitching when I was in high school but never finished them. I tried my hands on crocheting but I disliked how it gave pain to my hands and my back... not to mention my eyes.

But this time with my kids, I have to do it with them. Like I always say... kids can make your life turn 180 degrees. They make you think of so many things like staying healthy by thinking about doing healthy stuff... may it be a proper diet or finding out the best colon cleanser ever. They make you feel young sometimes too. Although there are bad days and you feel like pulling your hair. But kids are kids.

You can tell my girl loves pink so much. She has to have a pink chair, pink clothes, pink stuff to do. I remember I got conscious of colors only when I was already in my primary years... I had my favorites but then again, it was impossible to impose.