They're Growing Up!

posted by Jan

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You know you're a mom if your definition of success is when the kids decide to sleep on their own, in their own beds. :D My kids just decided to do that today. I never really trained them to sleep in their own rooms. Although when moved to this house, we have prepare the two rooms for them to use. But somehow, the two didn't wanna leave us. And somehow, we didn't really impose it on them. But today, they just decided (out of the blue) that they're ready to sleep on their own. I think they're starting to leave the nest*. And it feels weird and strange. My kids are growing up.

Kids do grow up and when they do, there's no stopping it. One morning, you wake up and they're ready to have their own family. Gosh! It's too early to think such things. But that's a reality. Perhaps that's what our parents felt the moment we started showing independence.

Image: both of them took turns in announcing the rotation time during the kids' program I did in Melaka last month.