More On Being A Vain Pot !

posted by Peter Shankar

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Like I said, I've been using OLAY for some years now. I got even more encouraged when I saw a TV ad with Elaine Daly promoting OLAY. Elaine Daly represented Malaysia in the Miss Universe pageant many years ago. AND I think she's the same age as me AND she looks really young.

So, ALL the more I believe in taking care of your skin, regardless of the gender. Using the creams has helped me in reducing adult acnes on my skin unless I don't drink enough water, the acnes would pop out and I would have to resort to using an adult acne product that will heal the skin and of course, make my face look great without any blemishes.

I remember when I was younger, about 12 years old, I would always wash my face with cold water so that the face will look fresh and clean, with no sweats leaving very little potential for acne attacks. I know, you're probably thinking ... 'I didn't know Peter Shankar was such a vain pot " !!! hahhaah, I wouldn't be surprised if you thought so ;) hehehe !